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Seismic Data Format Conversion

Seismic Data Processing


Traveltime Calculation/Ray Tracing

Synthetic Seismograms

Ray Theory for 1D layered Earth

Reflectivity/Wavenumber integration for 1D layered Earth

Reflectivity/Wavenumber integration for 1D layered spherical Earth

Normal modes summation for 1D layered spherical Earth

Direct solution method

Finite Difference Methods

Finite Element Methods

Pseudo-Spectral Methods

Spectral Element Methods

Discontinuous Galerkin Method

Surface waves in 3D structures

Hybrid method

Earthquake detection

Earthquake location

Focal Mechanism



Body-wave tomography

Surface-wave traveltime tomography

Teleseismic surface-wave tomography

Ambient noise surface-wave tomography

Measuring traveltime delay

Inverting phase/group velocity maps

One-step surface-wave traveltime tomography

Surface-wave dispersion calculation

Noise HVSR

Ambient Noise Inversion

Receiver Function

Synthetic RF

RF measurements and inversion

Joint inversion of seismological data

Multi-observable modelling of geophysical data

Full Waveform Inversion

Shear Wave Splitting

Phase Picking

Single station signal analysis

Array seismology

Seismic data digitization and correction

Source Spectrum

Earth’s interior





Signal analysis

Z/H Ratio

Thermodynamic modeling

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